14 November 2014

Revision Tips and Tricks

That dreaded time of the year has arrived again, and exams are around the corner for most of us. I have my mock GCSEs starting in a week, and yes, writing this post is me procrastinating but I wanted to share my tips on how not to procrastinate and make the most of revision. Ironic right?

Before I get started, I want to say I am no expert on this and these are just little tips that help me (they may not help you too, but give them a go!)

1// Remove ALL technology from your room
As much as we would all like to lie around all day and marathon Gossip Girl, that will not help in the long run. Taking your phone and laptop out of your room will remove the temptation of checking them every minute.

2// Cute stationery
This may sound quite materialistic, but it's true. I feel more motivated to revise if I'm using pretty stationary. Also I can only write on thin ruled paper, I don't know why but normal lined paper grosses me out.

3// Exercise helps
Exercise helps to get oxygen to the brain and will most likely help you concentrate. It also in my case makes me feels more awake. I'm not saying go out and run 10 miles before you start revising, even a brisk 10 minute walk will help.

4// Clear your workspace
I work so much better if my desk (and room) is tidy and clear. I usually tidy my room as a step in my procrastination process but I wouldn't be able to concentrate if it wasn't.

5// Reward system
Set yourself goals and once you have achieved them reward yourself. For example, once you have finished a topic, make yourself your favourite snack or if you've been revising all day, reward yourself with going to the cinema or having friends round. You can't revise all the time!

6// Start early
I don't know about you but I am always so much more productive in the morning so getting up early and not lying in definitely helps. I'm not meaning super early but around 8am or 9am will give you enough sleep but still allow you to be productive.

7// Take regular breaks
Your brain won't be able to concentrate and function properly if you don't give it a rest. Even short 5 minute breaks every half an hour will help to refresh your concentration.

8// Start now
What I'm trying to say is don't procrastinate, which is pretty hypocritical as writing this is me procrastinating from my revision, but at least it is productive procrastination. I guarantee you will be more satisfied if you don't procrastinate and prepare properly rather than leaving everything to the last minute and then having a mental breakdown.

If you have any other effective study techniques, please comment below. I need all the help I can get! See you next week!

Martha xx

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