7 November 2014

DIY // Washi Tape Ideas

Hello again! I'm back today with 5 very quick and very easy washi tape ideas. Washi tape is a great way to personalise any little items as well as giving your room a bit of colour. If you were wondering, all my washi tapes are either from Paperchase or MT.

Before I begin, can I apoligise for the horrible lighting in the photos. With winter around the corner it gets dark so early and by the time I get back home, the sun has already gone. Also I wanted to get something up today rather than wait until tomorrow or Sunday to take the pictures. I tried to brighten them up in photoshop a bit, but there is still a yellowy tinge of unnatural lighting.

1//  Decorate your memory stick
If you are like me and can't stand the ugliness of some memory sticks then you should definitely try this idea. Simply wrap the tape around it a few times to make it completely opaque.

2// Add some colour to your keyboard
I've seen photos on pinterest of people's keyboards completely covered in washi tape but I think it looks too busy. What I did was use a single strip of tape on the space bar. It's much more simple and in my opinion, it looks better.

3// Journals and schoolbooks
A great way to personalise your school books or folders is to add washi tape. Or just use it like I do, in decorating notebooks and journals.

4// Decorate jars
I love using glass jars to keep my pencils and pens in. To add some colour, put a strip around the rim of the jar.

5// Stick to your wall

Last but certainly not least, a great use for washi tape, is to stick posters, photos or drawing to your walls. It looks so much cuter than using blue tack, and looks great if you use the same colour scheme as the photo/poster. I've used it on my wall to stick up this watercolour quote I love.

Hope this a gave you an idea or two and thanks for reading this far!

Martha xx

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  1. I personally LOVE Washi Tape! I am always on the look out for something else to decorate with it! I just got a whole bunch of them, from Amazon and I can't wait to attack everything once they get here! Thanks for all the cool ideas!



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