28 November 2014

DIY // 3D Cylinderical Card

Hello! I have a quick and easy diy for you today. But first can I apologise for the rushedness (I know that's not a word) of this post. I still have exams on, four left to be specific, and that means a lack of time. So while I had photographed this pre-exams, I (in true Martha style) procrastinated writing it up. I'm going to stop rambling because I am ironically wasting the time that I earlier said I didn't have. Enjoy!

First draw out a line about a third down your page. Then draw out your message on a piece card, making sure that the bottom of each letter connects with the line. Use a blade to cut out the letters leaving the connection at the line attached.

Bend all the letters up so that they are at right angles to the page. Then all that is left is to tape it up. Primarily I used glue but it wasn't strong enough so I resorted to washi tape, which I think is cuter.

That's it done! Simple, right? See you soon, and to anyone else who is doing exams, hope everything is going well.

Martha x


  1. This is adorable Martha! I want to make one heheh
    xx Juli

  2. I just found your blog, I love it! Can't wait to try this DIY:) -Bethany!


  3. So cute! I will try it soon, looks simple enough :-)

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    1. Thanks Cory! It definitely is simple x

  4. Thanks! It is definitely simple x

  5. Sounds really simple and fun!

    I tagged you, by the way: http://artsypeacock.blogspot.com/2014/12/favorite-things-about-winter-tag.html

  6. This is so cool, Martha. I love making cards sometimes and something like this is quite original. It would be cool to make each letter a different color or something like that.

    On another matter, I've nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Here is the post link: One Lovely Blog Award + Favorite Things about Winter Tag


    Tickle Your Cute Bone

    1. Thanks, that's a great idea and thank you for the nomination!

  7. This is amazing, a really cool and unique idea! Your blog is fab too! Thanks for the lovely comment!

  8. I love this - such a unique idea! :)

    xx Nicole Rose


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