17 July 2014

DIY // fabric notebook

I love love love pretty notebooks and confess I buy way too may because I can't resist pretty stationery.
Recently, I've been making my own, which I love because I can create them whatever size I want with whatever paper I want inside. I'm going to stop rambling and get on with the post now.

What you'll need:
+ paper
+ fabric
+ cereal box
+ glue

First fold your paper in half setting each folded piece on top of the last. You can use any type of paper but here I used thin, recycled paper because I love it's warm tone. Try to fold as precisely as possible as it will make the final outcome much neater.

Secure your pile with two paperclips on the folded end making sure they are all in line. Then using a strong glue (PVA will do) paint a good layer onto the folded edges. Leave this to dry, and the glue will hold the spine together.

Once your glue has completely dried, use it as a stencil onto your cereal box to create a cover. You need to include tabs to fold over and attach it to the paper. Cut this out and fold everything inwards to create the shape of your notebook.

Next cut a piece of fabric that will fit your cover with a couple of centimetres to spare on each side. You can use any type of fabric, with any design. I chose a plain light fabric so I could draw on the front. Glue the cardboard to the fabric and leave to dry. I advice you stick the card down with the printed side up. This means that if your fabric is slightly see through, you will only see a plain background.

Next you can stick the fabric over the tabs and once it has dried, cut around the card leaving your cover piece.

Now you can stick in the actual book part. As you can see I made a mess of mine so advise you not to follow my lead and stick the spine in first so as it is positioned accurately, followed by sticking the first and last pages to the cover inside.. You may want to leave it a good while to make sure it has completely dried. Then you can stick down the tabs, and I suggest leaving a heavy book sitting on it while it dries.

That's the book complete! You can leave it plain, or draw a design on the front like I did.

I used three pieces of masking tab (which are barely visible because they camouflage with the fabric) to create a triangle and simply drew a cross-hatched grid.

You don't have to use fabric as a cover, so here are two more designs of notebooks that I have made, I even added elastic to one.

I hope this post wasn't too long and rambley! I've also done a DIY on a simpler notebook style as a guest post on Eb's blog here if you want to have a look.

Martha xo

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