20 June 2014

Quote Art

I am on my last few weeks of school, and the countdown to summer is nearly over. This term has wizzed by so fast, which is both good and bad. Good for the obvious reason of a two month long summer, and bad as it means getting closer to my GCSEs. Are any of you off for summer already? If you are, I am extremely jealous.

The last few days have been unusually warm, which has put me in a lazy and drained mood, where the only two desirable pass-times have become sleeping and eating. After promising, I would begin to post regularly again, I felt stuck on what to write, and came up with yet another lazy post idea; sharing some quote art I have already done.  I do want to start doing more DIYs so look forward to that.

I have lost my camera lead and  had to just scan these in, so apologies that some of the edges are cut off.

That is all!

Martha xo

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