5 May 2014

DIY // Clothes-peg Messages

Hello! Unfortunately I am in the middle of a very busy few weeks so I thought I'd do a very quick and easy DIY this week. 

What you need:
wooden clothes pegs
a fine pen

Firstly, measure a piece of paper to fit in the open clothes peg, then write a note on it. It can be anything but preferably short since there isn't much space.

Use an elastic band or something to keep the peg open and glue the note in. Keep it secured open while the glue is drying.

All that is left is to write on the outside. I wrote "1 new message" and then drew a small envelope but you can do anything. I guess that's it, simple right?

You could make a whole collection with different messages, or even paint and decorate the pegs, the options are endless.

Hope you try this out!

Martha xo

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