25 April 2014

DIY // Light Photography

A few days ago, I started messing around with my camera and I figured out how to do this! It is so simple and super fun. Unfortunately you do need a DSLR camera, unless your camera is able to adjust its shutterspeed.  

What you need: a DSLR camera
             a tripod
           a torch
It's really simple! All you need to do is set the shutter speed to as slow as possible. My camera goes to 30" which is just enough time.  This means that the shutter will remain open for 30 seconds which lets in all of the torch light.
Then set your ISO to 100. It will work with a different ISO, but 100 creates the best image.
You may want to set your aperture to something around 5-6.
Now all you have to do is set up your tripod and go crazy! Remember, if you are writing something, you need to write it backwards, or you can just do it normally and flip the image afterwards.

These are some that I did. I had never done this before so they aren't the best. I want to try more though and I'll share them with you in the future.

Hope you try some out of your own!

Martha xo

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