31 January 2014

Flickr Finds

Just a quick note before I begin, I changed my blog title because My Unfathomable Constellations is a bit of a mouthful. I am now The Minty Fox.
I made a quick watercolour to put as my title.
I will probably be changing a lot of the design soon.

One of my favourite things to do when I'm bored is to explore flickr.
It is just erupting with talent and beauty.

I think I might make this a series, doing one every two or three months.

So here are my favourites from the past few weeks.
(I have linked the flickr page underneath, if you want to check them out)


By Carol Persons

By Felicia Simion

By Carol Persons

This list could be endless, there are just so many inspirational photographers on flickr,
but I'm going to stop at 10.

Love you all!

Martha xo

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